From Stump to Stove: The highest quality, ethically sourced timber delivered to your door.

Our hardwood logs consist of Beech, Hornbeam, Ash, Oak and other coppice hardwoods and are selected from Local Authority or private woodlands within a 100 mile radius of our base, ensuring sustainability and eco-friendliness. We manage the entire process, from tree selection to final product. Our hardwood logs are air-seasoned naturally for at least a year, allowing wind and light to pass through, guaranteeing the best quality firewood.

We also offer softwood logs from low-value coniferous timber. All our firewood is supplied in accurately measured load sizes, and we can cut logs to any specified length, though our standard log length is 9-10". All firewood is sold in one, two or four cubic metre loads though small quantities can be purchased by the bag at our yard. We also supply kindling and natural firelighters.

We offer free delivery within a 10 mile radius of our yard, though we are happy to deliver further afield. Delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our pride in our work is reflected in the quality of our logs. If you have any further enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help!

A Grade Open Fire Wood

Our premium range of logs. These are slow-burning with the lowest moisture content making them ideal for both open fires and wood burners.

1m3 £160.00
2m3 £274.00
4m3 £512.00

Hardwood Wood Burner

Perfect for wood burners, these are slow-burning logs and will give you hours of heat for less cost than our Grade A Open Fire Wood.

1m3 £140.00
2m3 £244.00
4m3 £462.00

Mixed Hard and Soft Wood

More economical than pure hardwood, this mixed load will offer you both slow and faster burning logs for quick and efficient heat delivery.

1m3 £122.00
2m3 £218.00
4m3 £412.00

Soft Wood

A more budget choice than hardwood but with the benefit of faster lighting and burning logs, ideal for wood burners. These logs will catch and burn faster than hardwood but deliver heat quickly.

1m3 £102.00
2m3 £190.00
4m3 £362.00


Our ready-cut kindling wood is packed in handy sized net bags and perfect for building the ideal base for your open fire. Use with our natural waxling firelighters to create a roaring fire in no time.

£4.50 per bag or 3 for £12.00

Waxling Natural Firelighters

Waxling Natural Firelighters are highly effective and far more environmentally friendly than traditional firelighters. We recommend them for use with our kindling wood.
Refer to our ‘How to build the perfect open fire’ guide and you’ll soon be making a fire like a pro!

£7.00 per bag