Quality timber and forestry services you can trust.

M H Dunn offers a fully insured and qualified team to provide a wide range of forestry services for any size of woodland, including cutting and purchasing of both poor and good quality timber of all species.

We cut quantities ranging from 25 to a few thousand tons and fell any size of timber with care and attention, ensuring maximum yield from your woodland. Our team are qualified in conservation management and we work with a deep respect for the countryside and natural habitats, choosing quality over quantity and only operating in optimum conditions. All our machinery is selected for its light touch, ensuring our work has minimal impact on the environment.

Whilst on site, we operate to the highest protocols and standards for safety required by our clients, including local authorities and organisations such as Essex County Council, The Woodland Trust and the RSPB. We are experienced operators on Sites of Special Interest and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.