Milled Timber

Quality milled timber, sustainably sourced and customised to your measurements.

M H Dunn specialises in milling timber from various responsible sources within 100 miles of our base, including tree surgery and coppicing operations.

From Oak to Sweet Chestnut and redwood softwoods, we provide high-quality timber for tables, shelves, mantles, interior beams, and more. We supply both trade and direct to the public, however large or small the requirement. We have supplied everything from Oak for a large framing project to timber slabs for use as flower bed retaining walls.

With our focus on sustainability, we also use low-value timber that would otherwise go to waste and are able to provide high-quality materials for a multitude of applications. For example, our Oak trees are sawn for beams, with finer logs used for furniture making, while softwoods are primarily used for carcass wood and cladding. From these materials, we manufacture poultry housing, sheds, and field shelters.

Please visit us at the yard or call to discuss your requirements. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will be able to offer advice and show you examples of differet timbers to suit your needs.